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The LAST Month.

I woke up this morning realizing that it was more than just December FIRST - it was the LAST day of the Tory Burch Sale.  Y'all, the struggle was real when I logged in and realized what was in my shopping cart was no longer available.  I felt disappointed and then quickly realized there are way more things on the website that I am in love with and ordered a different present(s). 
But don't get it twisted.  I know the real reason of the season: Jesus.  I am so ready for all the traditions this month brings, the old and the newly established.  My first Christmas tradition is in two days and I cannot wait to give a little gift to my Hi-Stepper girls at Keifers.  I plan on spending more time with my people this year than money and honestly, that's exactly how I like it. 
Terri, a friend who just came back to blogging, tagged me in a recent post and asked 5 specific questions so here goes nothing: ​
1. How is your Christmas shopping coming along?
Christmas shopping is going very well (as you read above).  I will be working on semi-homemade gifts tonight and I can't wait to give them out to the ones I love the most.  The giving is always more special to me than the receiving.

2. Who is the hardest person you have to buy for?
The hardest person to buy for in my family is my sister.  She is also a December baby so a birthday gift is also needed.  I never know exactly what to get her, but I tend to always pick out something she likes at the last minute.

3. What is your favorite Etsy shop?

https://www.etsy.com/shop/Keepitclose?ref=pr_shop_more : I just purchased a couple items from this shop today so you know it had to go on this list. 

But I am also in love with everything in Whitney's shop:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/HeartandArrowDesign 

4. Homemade or Store bought gifts?

I am not the best at DIY'ing so I am going to say BOTH.  I love being able to make something, but if my creative juices aren't flowing I am more than happy to buy someone a gift card so they can choose what they REALLY want or need. 

5. Best or most memorable gift you have ever received?

Hmm, I think it would have to be a mix between my ring I got for my birthday that I continue to wear daily AND the Vera Bradley luggage bag I carry on all my trips from Colleen, Lila and her mom one year at Christmas.  It wasn't expected but it was greatly appreciated.  I can literally fit anything in it when I go on my trip so it leaves one arm free to carry my box fan. ​

I have a few goals for this month:

Continue to jog to c25k and believe in myself enough to get past the 5 minute mark.

Be present at all Christmas traditions & leave my cell phone out of arms reach.

No complaining on social media of any kind.

Attend both tacky Christmas sweater parties with different hairstyles.

Celebrate all the December babies birthdays.

Make one dish to take to the Christmas parties.

And last but not least, remember the REASON for the SEASON. 


  1. LOVE the part about celebrating December birthdays! Although my birthday is early in december, people still just want to celebrate it with christmas!! My parents have always done very well with making my birthday feel special no matter what!!

  2. Love your answers and yay for December babies! My Birthday is the 31st so we will have to celebrate when I get back in town ;)

  3. Okay.. I think I want to add Disqus on my blog! I need your help.. Do you love? Email me girl!

  4. We sure will! :)

  5. My sister's birthday is two days after Christmas and Mom's is the day after that. I know exactly what you mean!


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