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Lifestyle bloggers are my favorite.

It may seem boring to some bloggers out there, but the posts I really like to read are recaps of what is actually going on in a blogger's life.  I enjoy reading about someone's day to day, weekend recaps, etc.
I love knowing what you are up to (as creepy stalkerish as that sounds).  
Basically, lifestyle bloggers are my favorite. 

Life stopped for a week when I was sick, but I'm back. 
So without further ado, here is what I have been up to lately

I joined Bailey's Merry & Bright Christmas swap a couple months ago and she partnered me with the sweetest person, Lisa.  A couple weeks ago, I came home to the most exciting package and I love each and every item.  I have already used the initial mug, pens and picture frame.  Can't wait to fill out the journals and use the LiveLifeBeautifully cards. 

I was supposed to be in New Orleans last weekend for Comicon with my best friend for her birthday.
I got strep and sentenced to a week in my house but the worst part was calling The Blake Hotel in New Orleans and having to CANCEL my reservation.  When the girl said, are you sure? I almost cried.

Instagram filters that cover up my acne is one of my favorite things in life ever.
About my Acne:  I went to a dermatologist. He said to use a Retin-A cream every other night and that is what I am currently doing.  I wake up every morning and all the pimples are still there and NEW ones form.  It is the opposite of lovely and really aggravating.  

Anybody have any suggestions to clear(er) skin?  
P.S. I have extremely sensitive skin and currently wash and moisturize my face with Cetaphil. 

Everyone, meet MOOSE.
My sister adopted me a new nephew.
Moose, you now have an absolutely fantastic Aunt. Just sayin'

Image: Emma and Kathleen

I want to be able to wear crop tops…in public.
So I've started watching what I eat, drinking lots of water & NO Dr. Peppers, and of course…

Speaking of exercising, I invited this dime piece to yoga with me on Tuesday night.
This was the first time we ever met and it felt like we have known each other FOREVER.

I think that's the best thing about this blogging community…
You become friends online and then you just add the actual laughter in real life. 
We also went to eat dinner at Babalu's and I tried to limit my carb intake.

To read all about Terri's incredibly interesting life, click here for her blog.

If you need to know where I will be next weekend, this is it.
I love J.Lo and I cannot wait to see this movie.
Anybody else going to see it? 


  1. On the acne front....I struggled for years! I have done much better now using the Dove sensitive skin bar to wash my face and then the Cetaphil moisturizer (in the skinny bottle, 15 SPF).

  2. I was put on birth control to help regulate acne and periods and it works wonders! I also use the Clean and Clear Advantage oil absorbing cleanser and then I use the moisturizer that goes with it and it rocks! Hope it starts to clear up, I always hate acne!

  3. The skinny bottle is what I am using too! Thank you for your advice, Tiffany! :)

  4. I hate it too, Jenna! Thank you for your advice!


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