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TWO Exercise Classes in ONE week

I took 13 hours my first semester at Southern Miss.  I had never taken that small amount so I had a lot of spare time to take as many group exercise classes as my body would allow me to.  I fell in love with group exercise classes that semester.  

Don't get me wrong, sometimes it is nice to be left alone at a gym and do your own thing, but there is something about being pushed and leaving a class sweating, maybe cussing a bit, but definitely smiling.
This past week I tried two different exercise classes:  Crossfit and Barre.  
I am going to give my honest opinion of them both below.


I have never been attracted to this type of exercise, but after all my friends were trying it and basically begging me to do it, I said you know what - don't be stubborn Cass, just give it a chance and see what happens.  Enter: a 2015 resolution to try new things.  

If you love Crossfit, more power to you.  I will NOT be going back. I decided to give a 5 AM class a chance.  It was a Tuesday morning.  The minute it got started he said grab some barbells and weights and then we are going through each part of a deadlift/snatch/overhead/blah blah blah.  I was already freaking out - you may remember last year I had a problem with my lower back due to a weighted squat issue so I was a little uneasy. 

After 30 minutes of weight-lifting, he was like now we are going to run. SPRINTS. in 30 DEGREES. OUTSIDE. at 5:30 in the morning.  I got to the point where I could barely catch my breath and almost wheezing/crying.  It was not my best moment.  

I thanked the instructor for the class and got the heck out of there.  I may have filled out a form with my name on it, but they won't be seeing me again. I left the class already sore, so that should tell you how Wednesday, Thursday and part of Friday went. Ouch.


My mom told me about her co-workers daughter who had been going to a barre class.  She also said she went from a size 10/12 to basically a 0/2.  I got the girl's number and began texting her.  She told me how much she loved the class and then proceeded to give me their website:  www.athena-fit.com.  

I emailed to ask about how the classes were and they sent me a free class pass - to bring a guest as well (so my mom went with me).  We arrived Saturday morning about ten minutes to 9 am and everyone was so nice, helpful and sweet.  They said it was the largest class they have had (17 ladies in one room). 

The exercise started fairly easy and then my legs would not stop shaking.  I definitely got a workout with small, minimal movements and honestly, I LOVED IT.  I cannot wait to go back soon.  The classes are fairly expensive, but I will pay to take those classes again.  
Maybe one class a week starting out.  

I definitely know it works considering I saw the co-worker's daughter at Target Sunday afternoon and barely recognized her.  She looks amazing and I want to look amazing. 

So here's to going back to Barre and never looking at Crossfit again. 

Have you ever done two exercise classes in one week?


  1. You have reassured me that I will not like crossfit, nor do I ever want to try it. I'm dying to do barre on the other hand, but the only studio is on the other side of town and it's pretty spendy... hopefully I can try it soon!

  2. BLEHHHHHHHH Crossfit! Hate it. Actually never officially tried it but just hate it by default haha. But I have definitely been interested in trying out Barre! My only setback is how expensive it is. I know I'll fall in love with it though because all the workout classes I like are $100+ a month. OF COURSE.

  3. Yes it is very spendy. I have only been once, but I cannot wait to go back. My only advice would be is to email them and ask how much a class is. That's what I did and then they sent me the FREE guest pass.

  4. I feel the EXACT same way. I do not want to pay a Benjamin to workout, but I may have to.

  5. AthenaFit is NOT Pure Barre. The owners of AthenaFit were former Pure Barre clients who took a bunch of classes, realized they could never make it through the extensive training required to teach Pure Barre, and tried to duplicate the method without getting certified. I used to take Pure Barre with them every day at noon. They say they are certified by "Athenafit Corp.", but if you look up the president/incorporater of AthenaFit Corp...it's Wendy McLemore. So they basically certified themselves (#Scary #Unsafe). Do yourself a favor and take a REAL Pure Barre class from certified instructors. It'll be safer AND more effective.

  6. Thank you for your comment WG! I changed my post and took Pure out of the word. I really didn't know the difference between the two - thank you for setting me straight! Have a great week!


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