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Weekend Recap Going UP…on a Tuesday

Well, it's Tuesday.
I would have had a weekend recap up like a normal blogger yesterday, but my entire weekend was fast paced and I did not get in bed until 11:30 Sunday night so opening up my laptop was not gonna happen. 
What made me so busy? Thanks for asking.

Friday consisted of working until 5 pm and then rushing home so I could go to dinner and a movie with my girls. Brooke and I tried a new margarita at O'Charley's (the Southern Belle Marg and it was goooood), spent way too much money on appetizers and then made our way to see J-Lo and her stalker boy.  It was a good movie, but it is one of those I would definitely not have to see again. 

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early and made my way to Flowood to try out a new exercise class (that I will tell you about tomorrow) that KICKED MY BUTT.  I actually tried two exercise classes last week and will give you all the deets in the morning.   After that, my mom and I spent lunch with my sister at Outback and did a little shopping.  Then I made my way to Brooke's salon to go see a friend of ours new house.  Leaving their house around 6 pm, I made my way to another friends' house and stayed there until 1 am.  ONE IN THE MORNING - who am I? 

Woke up later on Sunday morning - SORE ALL OVER and then made my way to my sister's house where we did the following: eating, shopping, more shopping, decided to go home before we went into debt, Revenge on Netflix watching, ate dinner, watched The Interview on Netflix and then I drove the almost hour home. 

I ended up locking myself out of my online banking account and stressed that I was broke.
I am now back in my online banking account and counting down the minutes until my direct deposit hits on payday.
How was your weekend?


  1. I am currently locked out of my account too.. Think this is something that they did and are blaming on us! ;)

  2. Glad to know it wasn't just me! :)


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