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Friday Favorites

I can't write on here that this week has been any type of a favorite, but it is Friday and thank goodness that better weather is coming to town this weekend.

This entire week has been filled with delayed mornings to work, ice raindrops, and multiple car wrecks (not my Honda, but plenty of others).  Wednesday took the cake when I was told to be at work at 10 am and then at 10:40 am, we receive an email telling us to go home that the office is closing.  Really? 40 minutes, mmkay.

But I am not here to complain online, that's what my texts to friends are for.
This post is coming to you because I love Nat's blog and I have some photos to post randomly.

So here goes nothing - my actual favorites this week: 

Babysitting at a church last Wednesday night 

Eating dinner with my boo thang after that babysitting. 

I asked Bray what she wanted for dinner and she said "I'd like a mac and cheese, with a side of mac and cheese."  
What my boo wants, my boo gets. 

The fact that I have to say this EVERY SINGLE DAY NOW is getting just a tad bit annoying. 

Having dinner with these girls Saturday night was the highlight of my week.
Getting my nails done earlier that day helped too. 

What are some of YOUR favorites from this week or last week? 
I ain't picky.

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