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My tweet continued (Part One)

A couple weeks ago I posted a tweet that got a little bit of attention: 

At first it is all fun and games: the Christmas parties, the Mexican nights with your girls, the pizza when you have had a crappy day, the fries on your lunch hour, you catch my drift.  But here's the thing: all that food has to go somewhere and unfortunately for me, it grabs onto every cell in my body and stays there.  My mom had a smart idea a couple weeks ago for me to try on my bridesmaids dress for the March wedding.  So I did.  And my worst fear came true, it didn't zip. 

From the scale, I should have known it wouldn't have - I am least a good 10+ pounds more than I was back in July when I bought the dang dress.  That's one of the bad sides of a bridesmaids life: having to pay $100+ dollars almost a year before someone's wedding.  (Another reason guys have it so much easier than us, ladies). 

The minute my mom told me that, my eyes got wide.  My mental thoughts started turning, ideas started brainstorming, and I knew right then and there I had to "get it together."  But here is where I was already discouraged: I QUIT DRINKING SODAS the first week of January and my waistline was still just as bloated as ever.  I changed my liquid lifestyle to almost all water, Advocare Spark in the morning, and a few glasses of half sweet/half unsweet tea couple times a week.  If carbonated drinks is what was keeping my stomach area bulging out, color me confused. 

So I started thinking back to the year before when I had lost all that weight and got down to 147 pounds (which was the number of my "fat weight" in high school) and tried to remember what I did back then:

  • Cut out sodas: CHECK.
  • No more Burger King Breakfasts: CHECK.
  • No bread for breakfast - just scrambled eggs and turkey bacon: CHECK.
  • Limit junk food: CHECK.
  • Do c25k program and workout CONSISTENTLY: Oh, that. That was my next issue. 

So I began trying new classes, found one I really liked and made plans to continue the exercise regime.  I started packing my workout clothes and bringing them with me to work.  There is a 100% chance if I say I'm gonna work out after work and have to drive all the way home first, I will not be getting back outside.  You would think I would be losing weight and feeling better and guess what? SCALE DIDN'T BUDGE.  Workout after workout - I was waking up extremely sore and then the scale would be the same number: 179.2.  Color me frustrated.

I guess the Good Lord knew I needed an intervention because Christen messaged me on Facebook and started talking to me about ItWorks! I told her that I could not afford to be any type of distributor/loyal customer or anything else because money was extremely low.  She said she could send me one wrap and some Greens on the Go for me to sample.  I am so glad I did.  

If you want to know what my results were, come back tomorrow.  If you have even read this far, thank you thank you thank you.


  1. And in case you have any doubts about PB's effectiveness, the owner of AthenaFit took over 100 Pure Barre classes, and at that time was in the best shape of her life! My sister-in-law told me that the owner still drives to NOLA to take PB and "borrow" the awesome moves! 😉

  2. I feel your pain --- bridesmaids' dresses are so stressful, money-wise and size-wise! You should absolutely try Pure Barre! They have two locations in the metro area, and also locations in Hattiesburg and Oxford! Unlike AthenaFit, they are a real, certified barre method that has been around for over a decade --- which mean (1) they know what they're doing and (2) it WORKS. You can get the New Client Special (30 days of unlimited classes) for $100! Aim to take class 3-4 times a week to see the best results!

  3. Being a bridesmaid was my biggest motivation to lose some weight! Not only do you want to dress to fit but you want to look good in the pictures! I love group exercise classes as I cannot motivate myself on my own. Cardio is awesome but you should try Body Pump if they have it near you!

  4. I completely agree, Megan! I cannot motivate myself the way that group classes can either. I am glad I found a barre class I can go to right now. I will look around to see if there is a Body Pump class, i have heard its a great workout! Thank you for the comment! :)

  5. I will definitely look into it! Thank you so much for your comments, WG! I appreciate your feedback. :)


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