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The Tweet Continued (Part Two)

If you read yesterday's post, you know the following things:  

I can't get my bridesmaids dress to zip up for the March wedding AND Christen sent me a couple products to try since my weight loss has been close to non-existent. 

The first product: 
Greens on the Go (orange flavored) 

I have always been a fan of convenience and I absolutely love little packets that you can put in a bottle of water.  So I was excited to try the Greens on the Go.  The main thing I liked about this product is that it has a natural probiotic and has multiple servings of fruits and vegetables IN ONE PACKET that I know I don't normally get in my diet on a daily basis.  She sent me 5 of them to try, thank goodness.  The first one was thrown away…just keep reading.

The first packet went into a bottle of room temperature water and it was DISGUSTING. 
Green color (should have known by the package but I didn't. I just assumed it would be orange), had flakes swimming around in it and had an awful taste to me.  I threw the bottle of water away as soon as I got to work.  I emailed Christen and she said that I should have tried it with orange juice.

Fast forward to the next morning and I put it in a smoothie with almond milk, bananas, blueberries and a little ice.  Had an awful aftertaste, but I tried to drink the majority of it.  Christen contacted me on Facebook that morning and I told her that I still didn't like it.  
She said that I should have tried it with orange juice. 

After I told her how stubborn I was, the next morning I tried it with orange juice and y'all it's a GAMECHANGER.  It tasted 100% BETTER with orange juice! 

TRY or BUY these greens and drink it with Trop 50 (50% less calories/sugar) and mix it up - I used our Nutribullet and it was definitely a lot easier to drink.  The one thing I enjoyed the most was knowing it was helping my digestive system.  Without getting too TMI - let's just say the probiotic and all the digestive enzymes work.    

I enjoyed the last three packets with Trop 50 and should have listened to Christen on Day 1. 
But like I've already said, I am stubborn. 


Next up was the item I had been most unsure about: 
The Ultimate Body Applicator

My main thought was "how is a wrap gonna do anything?  You have to exercise and eat right to get firm skin."  I decided to use it on my mid section because I have always had a flabby stomach.  
I've never had flat, washboard abs - even in high school/college when I got down to my smallest weight and was dancing every single day.  

I hold all my weight in my stomach area and it shows the minute I eat a carb aka bloat city. 
It is embarrassing to be at work and sit down and your stomach just roll over your pants.  
However, I refuse to buy bigger pants and jeans so it's just real cute, let me tell ya. 

The minute I put the wrap on, it felt like I rubbed IcyHot all over my stomach.  
A weird feeling, but nothing I couldn't handle.  

 I have very sensitive skin, but I can report that I did not break out at all and the natural ingredients in the wrap did not affect me in a negative way.  As the product said, if you are a first time user and have sensitive skin, DO NOT wear longer than 45 minutes.  So I put it on at 5:05 and took it off at 5:50.  

Well folks, here are my before and after pictures.
(Before on the left and After on the right) 

I mean, it's not a huge difference but my skin was/still is so much tighter and firmer. 
Like I literally couldn't poke my stomach out if I wanted to when I took the wrap off.  
I am now a believer in the power of the wrap.
Their company name isn't a joke…ItWorks! really does.**

I can also say that it's been 5 days since I had that wrap on for 45 minutes and my stomach doesn't hang over my work pants/jeans as bad.  I still have to keep hitting the gym and watching my carb intake to get back in that bridesmaids dress, but losing 4 pounds this past week (due to the Greens on the Go and the wrap) sure has helped.  

That's right: I LOST WEIGHT.  Halle-lu-yer. 
Two weeks ago: 179.2 pounds
Past Sunday weight: 175.2 pounds 

Thank you so much, Christen! 
My bridesmaids dress and I appreciate you more than you know!


If you would like to know more information from Christen, here is all her contact information: 

Email: wrapswithchristenperry@gmail.com

Instagram: @wrapswithchristen 


**I did not get compensated for this post.  I was given the products to review and all opinions are my own. I would not lie to y'all.  I will definitely purchase wraps in the future from Christen; especially for the upcoming 4th of July trip to the lake. 


  1. That's so awesome! I have friends who LOVE the wraps and swear by them for a good event slim down! If I keep it up with the donuts I may have to try one out for a wedding I'm in in a few weeks... :)

  2. I am so glad they worked for you!! I have a friend who is a Presidential Diamond for ItWorks so I see result things all the time on FB! Lol! You CAN do this Cassie!!

  3. Thank you Laura! I am steadily seeing the scale go up and down a bit and then back up. I'm so frustrated, but thank you for the encouragement.

  4. Jenna, your enthusiasm is uplifting! thank you!!

  5. Ha ha, no donuts here but yes. You and I both. Hope you had a wonderful bachelorette weekend! :)


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