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This post is coming to you super late because I got back home on Sunday night SUPER LATE.  
I don't want to make excuses...so I am just going to recap my weekend.  


Not to be Captain Obvious' sister, but the number 50,001 is a pretty big number.  It represents the current number of miles on my Honda the minute I pulled in my driveway Sunday night.  

That may not seem like a lot but does it help knowing that my car only turned 3 years old in February?  
The last two weekends I have driven the 4 hour trip up to Tupelo, MS.  I already miss my Tupelo family and I hate that it won't be until June when I see them again.  

The beginning of the weekend was spent running errands with my two year old boo thang and her parents.  We swore to never eat at a Chili's again, sat on couches I couldn't afford and ate the best pizza/salad/chocolate chip cookies a girl could ask for on Saturday night.  

I got my eyebrows waxed and got to hold the little nugget on the right.  
For some reason, she doesn't care for duck face selfies at 11 months old. 
I also watched Safe Haven for the first time and the ending was a jaw dropper for me.

The real reason for my stay two weekends in a row was another close friend's baby shower.  Even though I was not an official hostess, I went to cutting out letters, taping them on burlap, serving the punch, etc.  

I love helping others and I hope Lindzey loved her shower as much as I did.  
The mom to be got plenty of pink and I know Baby B is going to be so well loved.  
Can't wait to meet her!

I am so thankful for the weekends I spend with friends that have turned into family.  
Also that my 3 year old car can take all the miles to get me where I need/want to be.
Here's to the next 50,001.

P.S. Daylight Savings is hard on everybody, y'all. 


  1. That cake is fabulous! When Safe Haven first came out Nathan and I saw it on Valentine's Day after the movie we wanted to see was replaced! We thought it was going to be a simple chick flick but oh my that ending was jaw dropping to us too!

  2. Right? The whole time I had semi figured it out (or at least I thought I did) and that ending was just WOAH.

    And the cake tasted fabulous too. :)


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