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Babies AND Us

I would say that this weekend was one for the books, but I said that last week.  So I'll just say that this weekend was busy; but newsflash for future readers, all my weekends this month are busy.
Friday I left work at noon to get a head start on heading up North.  My sister invited me to a lunch date at Which Wich and it was LIFE-CHANGING.  I am so glad she took me there because Subway will never see me again.  Seriously.  If you are near a Which Wich, you must go.  Mostly because you can order a cookie and they bring it to you, warm and gooey and just good, y'all.

But back to Friday, I made it to Tupelo in time to get out and about with the girls.  We had a few errands to run at Babies R Us and Walmart.  Then we made our way to dinner at Five Guys.  One of the girls couldn't hang as long as the rest of us: 

Saturday was all about getting up early and getting everything set up for the baby shower.  There were sleeping bags in the church from a retreat that had to be moved, tables fixed, chairs put out, food cut up, fruit washed, still had to take showers, the whole nine.  

My favorite part of the shower was the party favor idea I thought of (thanks to Pinterest).  It is called Party Popcorn.   I bought the clear cellophane bags and made the labels using Google + Microsoft Word.  It says "Thanks for Poppin' By!" cause it's popcorn, get it? 


The shower seemed to fly by and Shelley got a LOT of baby stuff, which is perfect because that's what she needed. Somehow we pulled it off and I am so glad I was a part of her first baby shower.  I cannot wait to meet Baby B. 

The gifts just from the hostesses

A closer look at my basket for Baby B

The hostesses with the mama to be

After all the shower duties were done, we spent the afternoon not eating lunch and then eating dinner for like 4 hours.  Everyone came over that night and cooked on the grill: we had salad with Olive Garden dressing, a sausage and cheese plate w/pickles (cut up by yours truly), some people ate shrimp (yuck), I tried boudan (pronounced boo-DAN) and swore to never eat that again.  Pork loin, spinach dip, etc.  

With full bellies, we went to sleep and woke up Sunday around 11 - time change, y'all   We grabbed lunch at a place called Steele's and then I headed back home - just in time to have Bridget's birthday dinner at a Greek restaurant called Keifer's. 

All the food all weekend was delicious.  Life is delicious.  This weekend reminded me how I am so thankful for the life I'm living right now.  There is no stronger bond than the one I feel between my friends that have turned into family; the babies and us. 


  1. I always love reading about your busy life full of babies and weddings! Two of my most favorite things! I had some newborn time yesterday and it was wonderful! Just what I needed after having surgery!

  2. Awwwee - nothing is better than newborn time, NOTHING. :)
    I miss my friends babies being little. Thankfully, they are more about to enter the world that I can hold and snuggle - if just for a little while. Hope you are recovering well from surgery!


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