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Porcupines & Pinterest

I pinky promise that this is the last baby shower post. 
To end all the baby girl showers with a baby boy shower was a breath of fresh air; however, at this baby shower I thought I had walked into the woods.  I do not consider being in the woods a breath of fresh air because I'm a cityfolk type of girl.  

I'll give you an example of what happened that day:  I walked outside after the shower was over and got 6 mosquito bites on my left leg around the knee area.  SIX.  I was wearing thick, black leggings.  This is why I stay inside; I didn't know I was gonna have to switch my perfume to bug spray in MARCH.
Anywho back to the shower.  It was like walking into Pinterest.  

I loved the setup and just sat there dumbfounded at how creative the Wilson clan really is.  There were all types of woodsy-themed food and my favorite being the porcupine dip.  

If you have not seen the Steve Harvey Family Feud Porcupine video, please click here now.
After eating the entire table, we made our way downstairs to play a couple games, take pictures with the selfie stick and watch Deidre open up all her gifts.  It was such a good time and she got a LOT of cute things for her baby boy.
After that, we took even more pictures because that's what us Hi-Steppers do. 

I am so glad to know these girls and to have had so many memories with them over the years.  I was a sophomore when they were freshmen, but I feel like they taught me more than I did them.  
I love you girls. 
Deidre, I can't wait to meet baby boy Harwell.


  1. Shay @Great, Now What?April 8, 2015 at 10:02 AM

    Oh goodness- that looked so porcu-perfect (I tried... I really, really tried).

  2. I really appreciate the pun. I respect the trying. :)


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