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Camo or Nascar?

My life is a constant revolving door of the following routine: driving somewhere 2+ hours away on Friday after work - coming home on Sunday night - not unpacking until Wednesday night and then re-packing again on a Thursday to go out of town again on Friday.  

This past weekend I was beach bound because a June bride wanted to go to the beach, and when a bride wants to go, you go.  

Friday, I left work at 5 pm and headed to pick up Bridget from her house.  As I calculated, we were on the road by 6 pm.  Where were we headed, you ask?  Perdido Key, Florida.  I was told we were going to go a different way than I typically do, and since I was the driver, I was freaking out a whole bunch.  But since I am posting this today, you know I made it home fine.  I never knew it could only take 4 or so hours to get to the beach - but now I do and its magnificent. 

Anywho, after our GPS took us through every back road grand ole Florida had to offer, we finally rolled up to the Indigo resort around 11 pm.  Kaylee and Caitlin came down to help us bring all of our stuff up.  We hugged them and I became amazed at how the ritzier side of folks truly live.  We stayed at her parent's 3 bedroom, 3 bath condo and it was GORGEOUS.  She gave me my own room that had black out curtains, so y'all know I was in pure sleeping heaven.  

We stayed up until midnight talking and chatting in the floor of the master bedroom about anything and everything.  A few YouTube videos might have also been played, and new nicknames given out (Ester & Georgina).  I went to bed that night feeling extremely grateful for safe travels and silly girl talk.

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early at 8 am and headed into the kitchen to get my day started.  After breakfast was eaten and bathing suits were put on, Bridget and I were down on the beach by 9:30.  I rented a beach lounge chair and umbrella from some nice boys for the day and got busy doing what I do best: taking pictures of the ocean and listening to music.  

Later on, Kaylee came down to hang out until around 12:30 when we decided that it was more important to eat salsa than get more sun-rays.  Bridget made the most delicious salsa and here is the recipe below:

3 cans of rotel
A whole thing of cilantro
2 cloves of garlic
Mix all in a food processor until blended smoothly

It is semi spicy and it doesn't even bother me because I want to eat it with a spoon.**

Anyways, after lunch we made our way to the pool and the water was super cold, so we made a stranger take our picture fairly quickly and she said "I'm gonna take a few from different angles and see which one you like better.  If you need more taken, just let me know, I'll be sitting right over here."  

Take note, folks.  That is how you become the coolest pool photographer lady. 

Since I only had about an hour and a half left in my beach chair rental & umbrella, we all headed back down to the beach.  Around 5, we got ready for dinner and put on our fanciest dresses.  We ate at Oyster House that's like 5 seconds from our condo and it's never a disappointment.  

Caitlin made me try her appetizer of fried crab claws/legs/toes (don't know), but I'm not a fan of seafood and guess what? It wasn't terrible so if you like seafood, I'm betting money that you would love it.  After dinner, we got the manager to take another picture of us and we all knew it looked good before we even looked at it.  

On the 5 second ride home, Caitlin and Kaylee sang a song for us at the top of their lungs and Bridget and I laughed at them in the backseat.  Once we made it back to the room, we changed into comfy clothes and watched the bride open up her gifts.  It wasn't much from the three of us, but she opened up everything and even tried some things on. 

My gift was in this box and if you want to know what all goes into it for any of your future brides: Email me at alwaysablogsmaid@gmail.com.

We then tried to rent The Wedding Ringer on ITunes and it told us that it was going to take 21 hours to download so that didn't happen.  We went to bed around 11 and woke up Sunday to head back home.  It was the best/shortest trip ever AND I am so thankful for my friendship with these girls.  
I can't wait to celebrate Caitlin and Allen in ONE MONTH. 


If you want to know the reason behind the title of this post, it's because of this video below.  If it doesn't work or you want to watch it bigger; go to YouTube and type in Sarah Hyland is Definitely Unique.

 On Friday night during girl talk, Kaylee mentioned that her dad had bought her a Nascar shirt and I immediately started laughing.  I explained the video to them before we watched it.  I get such joy out of saying that question just like she does - starts at the 0:15 second mark.  I didn't want to leave this post today without letting everyone get a good laugh. You are welcome.

**I was lucky enough to bring some of Bridget's salsa home and I let my mom try it who loves spicy salsa.  She said "whoo, I'm surprised you are eating this."  
I said, I KNOW I don't understand it, but I'm not fighting it either."**


  1. I looooove salsa, that sounds so good. What a lovely weekend- I really miss being near the beach!

  2. alwaysablogsmaidMay 18, 2015 at 6:49 PM

    It is SO GOOD. Like, I can't wait to make some myself and eat it EVERY SINGLE DAY.
    P.S. I have an ulcer in my mouth and still ate it.

  3. alwaysablogsmaidMay 18, 2015 at 6:50 PM

    Thank you Tiffany! I found it on another blog and have used it 3 times already! :)


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