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Gooder Than Grits

I just got home from the beach. 
If you think you are having deja-vu, you're not.

My mom, her best friend, and myself spent the last 5 days (4 nights) in Perdido Key, Florida.
I spent last weekend there too - but our condo this time was called Perdido Sun. 
I found out there was only one condo in between the two I have stayed in the past two weeks. 

I had a simple schedule over the past few days: 

8:00 am: Wake up

8:30 am: Eat a sausage biscuit on the balcony watching the waves 

9:00 am: Go down to the beach and sit under the umbrella while reading the funniest book EVER. 

12:00 pm:  Eat a sandwich and the best salsa ever in the condo. 

1-5:00 pm:  Sit under the umbrella, put my feet in the sand, then go up and swim in the pool. 

5:30 - 6:30 pm:  Everyone getting ready and fixing their hair for no reason at all.  #beachlifeiswindy

7:00 pm:  Eat dinner and enjoy every bite

9:00 pm:  Watch a little tv, talk, sit on the balcony, eat ice cream.

10:00 pm: Start yawning and go to bed. 

In the four nights we stayed there; we only ate at three restaurants:  Grazi Italian Grille, Oyster Bar and the best place that we ate at twice: The Jellyfish (that was right across from our condo).  

They had an item on the menu called Nassau Grits and if you have never had grits - you are missing out but these were on a whole 'nother level, y'all.  They mixed in bell peppers and onions and it was just delicious. I don't recommend you clicking on their website if you are hungry. 

There was also a T-shirt when we went shopping at The Wharf that said "Gooder than Grits" and after eating what I did at The Jellyfish, I'm almost kicking myself for not buying it. 

In our condo, I was a little obsessed with what I referred to as the Circus Mirror.  
I took the most ridiculous selfie last Thursday: 

Since I loved it, I knew my best guy friend would too. 
Sunday, Joseph came into town for 6 hours to spend time with me.  
He is currently training in Destin and told me he would come visit.  

We took him to The Jellyfish with us the second night and he couldn't get over how good those grits were either.  I had the most wonderful time with him and I miss his silly self already. 

I miss everything about my vacation already.  
But isn't that how it always is? 

I have had the best two weeks of vacations and I was sad to come home today.
Cubicle life is back in full effect and so is the aloe vera gel.

I am not sure my mind is ready to be back in the real world, but my skin sure is.


  1. Oh you know, just infinitely jealous.

  2. alwaysablogsmaidMay 19, 2015 at 5:52 PM

    Just infinitely appreciative of you commenting on my posts. :)


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