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Speaking of Weddings…

It's no surprise that I have spent almost every single weekend celebrating someone else's big day.  Whether that was a bridal shower, baby shower, wedding day, you name it - I've probably attended it.  I love filling up my Lilly Pulitzer planner with dates that correlate with someone else's happiness; it's one of my favorite things to do (besides binge watching television series in bed).  

This weekend had its highs and lows, but there was nowhere else I would have rather been. 

As I was sitting at the salon Saturday morning letting the hair color do it's job, I was asked what my plans were that night.  I told them I was going to another wedding and everyone said: "OF COURSE.  Why do we even ask anymore?!"  

Just trying to look like the girl in the poster behind me

Brailyn said, "Speaking of weddings, I've got a crush on somebody…. Matty B."  I said, "oh does he go to your school?"  She said, no...he is on YouTube.  

Turns out, he is the newest Justin Bieber on the block and just know you heard it here first.  Or maybe not, I'm just now finding this out from a 6 and a half year old, so my current events are questionable.  

I never know what's gonna happen on my Saturdays at the salon.  

Bray showed up with a real live bird in a box.  She said she saved the bird because one of her cats was about to eat it.  Eating was an issue since she thought the bird was hungry, so we went outside.  
With freshly done hair, I helped her find two worms in the grass for her newest furry friend.  

I am not very outdoorsy so I should have seen that as a foreshadowing to the rest of the day. 

After I left the salon, I came home to eat a quick lunch, watch some tv, and then get ready for the wedding that was 2 hours away.  I miscalculated my grandma driving skills, so I ended having a lot of time to take selfies and send them to my friends before the wedding started.  

Snapchat: blogsmaidcass

The wedding and reception all took place at the bride's mom's house.  
It was completely outdoors, but everything was beautiful and completely showcased the lovely couple, Katlin and Tyler.  I loved everything; especially the black and white dance floor.  

Camera roll didn't have much on it, but the memories are already saved in my mind.

Tyler and Katlin, I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of your special day!   It's been a long time coming for y'all to tie the knot, but I couldn't be happier for you both.  It is evident the way you two look at each other that you were meant to be, and I can't wait to watch y'all grow as a married couple.  
I wish you two nothing but the best!


  1. It was a very fun dance floor. I spent most of the night on it. :)


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