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March Showers bring Summer Babies

If you follow me on Instagram at all, you may have noticed my location: Babies AND Us.

Babies AND Us is a play on the store that I spent a lot of time in back in March: Babies 'R Us. 
After all the baby showers, I couldn't wait to meet these sweet babies but of course I had to.

Well they have all been born, so I bring you the four baby girls that have started cooing my name and have stolen my heart: 

I was actually at the hospital the night Zoe was born, but that doesn't make any of the other births less special.  Even though each delivery was different. the result was the same for each one: 
the cutest baby girls EVER. 

All the babies are over a month old now, so I figured it was time to remind myself of the details of each birthday.

Stella Kate

Born on April 23, 2015 
5 pounds + 10 ounces

Lilian Estelle 

Born on June 9, 2015
5 pounds + 15 ounces 

Savannah Grace 

Born on May 7, 2015 
7 pounds + 5 ounces 

Zoe Belle 

Born on June 11, 2015 
7 pounds + 1 ounce 


Dear Babies, 

I know you can't read yet, but I'm pretty sure your mom can read this to you - if you smile at her in the next 5 minutes.  I have had so much fun getting to see new pictures of y'all each week.  Your mom is amazing and I hope you are letting her get some rest. 

Zoe, you are the only one I haven't held yet - but no worries.  I know I will soon and that's all that matters.  Stella, keep making those silly faces and letting your mom/grandma capture it on their phones so I can see you, even when I'm not there.  Savannah, I know you have only seen me once but I can't wait to see you + your insane hair again.  And Lilian, I hope you don't wiggle around as much next time because I wanna get all your snuggles.   

Shelley, Lindzey, Mandy and Sarah: Each one of you is doing a WONDERFUL job at raising these sweet, precious girls.  I am so proud and look up to each one of you.  I hope you know how awesome you are - if you ever forget, just click on this blog post again. 

Love all 8 of you girls.

Aunt Cassie 


  1. So many cute babies with such great names!

  2. alwaysablogsmaidJuly 23, 2015 at 8:45 PM

    They sure are, Nina! Thank you for your sweet comment - I could just look at them all day. :)

  3. So sweet! Makes me want to have a baby.. (kinda, okay.. not really)


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