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The Birthday Weaver

August is finally here and I couldn't be happier; July seemed to last F O R E V E R.  
With stress at work and then my car dying on me, I am glad to see this month go.  

Even though it's only the second day of the month, I know it's going to be a fabulous 31 days.  
Because this weekend was amazing

This weekend was Kaylee's birthday dinner and we celebrated until they kicked us out (literally).  The night started off with a fancy dinner at The Manship.  I ordered the pepperoni pizza because that's how original I am.  

The main event of the dinner was a $12 dollar drink called a Knickerbocker.  
It was worth every penny just getting to say that word to the waiter.  

At dinner, Kaylee opened her gifts and I was super ready to give her mine.  With a voucher code from Active.com, I was able to go on Shutterfly and create a birthday book for Kaylee.  

However, the gift would not have been possible without all the girls' help, so I was so excited when they were more than willing to text me pictures and paragraphs about their friendship with Kaylee. 
I took a play on her last name and called the book:  

The Birthday Weaver

After dinner, we went to Deep South Pops - I ordered chocolate gelato and a Sprite.  Fun fact:  I cannot eat ice cream without something to drink.  It was delicious and just what we all needed since it is 90+ degrees after 9 pm here in Mississippi. 

Image from here

I received this text today and it makes the gift even better: 

"Cassie, you know me so well.  I have carried this book everywhere with me.  
Every time I read it, I cry…love you so much." 

Even though we didn't meet any celebrities this year, we made the birthday girl feel famous/loved and I think that's what matters most.  

Thanks for weaving each one of us together, Kaylee.  
Our lives are better because we know you.

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