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The Letter Link-Up: On Compromise

Dear Brailyn,

This Thursday you turn 7 years old.  SEVEN.  Sometimes I can't wrap my head around the fact that you have only been in my life for 7 years and then sometimes I think "it's been way longer than that."

I've written you blog posts before, but its different now, because I know you can read.  You were able to read my birthday card to you this year at your birthday party, and ironically it had the least amount of words written in it.  I am so proud of you, first grader. You've done everything from ballet, to pageants, to soccer and I've been at almost every event.  The one thing that I have noticed is you never stop playing. 

I think that's where we butt heads sometimes - the playing.  When it gets to be semi-late, I want to go home and get in my bed and watch tv or just get home and take a hot bubble bath. I tell you how much fun I've had, but that I need to go back to my house.  You always say to me "lets just play for a little bit longer and then we can do something else. Let's play dolls for just another minute and then you can go back home." 

And I always try and tell you that I need to go do something else, but I compromise. 

I tell you 'okay' and we spend more than a minute playing dolls, making up conversations between this plastic person and that plastic person.  We pretend one of the male dolls is secretly dating three of the barbies/monster high dolls that don't like each other.  We brush their hair and put them on your Barbie yacht and then pretend they are on an island (aka the carpet). 

It's never a dull moment and I wish I could remember all the funny things you have said while we have been "playing dolls." I have learned many things from you in your almost 7 years on this Earth, but I think the compromising, being the 'loser' in the argument, ends up making me the winner.

Getting to spend more time with you is the best compromise I could ask for.  

Aunt Cassie

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