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The Report: January

I read somewhere online that January is basically the Monday of all the months.  I don't know if I agree with that.  I think that some Mondays are terrible, but I think the months are what you make of them and I am really pleased with how January is going.  Here are a few things that have consumed my mind this month: skin care, health(ier) foods, party planning, and my favorite blog posts.


I have extremely sensitive skin.  I read Megan's post on why she switched to safer and I immediately stopped using my favorite perfume, Light Blue.  I literally feel better this month than I did last month and I know that is part of it (extra hormone production is never our friend, ladies).  I bit the bullet this month since I had some extra money and bought the BeautyCounter Essentials Line, which is the picture above.  I am OBSESSED.  My face has never been so soft and I'm not breaking out!! How wonderful is that?  I am not a consultant or getting paid to write this, I just love it.  

Besides trying to get rid of un-necessary chemicals in my body, I've started eating veggies at lunch instead of going through a drive thru.  Trying to drink more water instead of Dr. Pepper.  Baby steps on the trying to eat healthier front. 

Gender Reveal season is upon me.  I am helping host two gender reveals in the next two months.  I have been surfing the web for all types of ideas.  Anything in particular I should know/do?  I have only attended one gender reveal this month and have so much to learn.  I will also be in charge of knowing the gender for this first party and I am SO EXCITED for the way they are going to reveal it to everyone - let's hope I can keep it a secret! :)

Etsy has also seen my debit card this month.  I ordered a onesie for the gender reveal and I cannot wait for it to be shipped to me.  I have a feeling a lot of custom onesies will be purchased over the next few months for these new babes.

The first custom one I ever ordered last year

Favorite Blog Posts

How Cassie felt about being away from her blog resonated with me so well.  

Amber's letter to her husband was all the #relationshipgoals.

Whitney's post always speaks to me in a fresh way, especially this one.

My January Solidarity Sister, Kat, has some amazing travel plans this year.  


The Report is a new series I'm starting once a month to list things and events that are currently happening in my life.  Please feel free to tell me your monthly report in the comment section below.  
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  1. That onesie is SO cute! Good job, Aunt Cassie!

  2. Ah thank you Lauren! So much for saving a lot of money this year…all the babies need all the onesies, right? :)


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