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Three Months rolled into ONE

Even though I've been out of the blog world for months now, I never stopped reading my favorite blogs.  I will admit that one of my favorite posts is when a blogger shows their readers behind the scenes; less Instagram and more day to day life.

I am slowly, but surely, coming back to this space.  I started this blog to remember, so here are some of the things I've been up to over the past three months:

Dressed up as a Harry Potter extra for Halloween

Our annual Hi-Stepper December dinner 

I met Cinderella at Aubrie Kate's 4th birthday Party 

This outfit was worn to TWO tacky christmas sweater parties

Brittni's birthday dinner was celebrated at Babalu's

The best christmas ornament I've ever received (from Bridget) 

Started January 1st off with my boo thang, Brailyn 

One of my bests, Cupit, is having a BOY.  Her gender reveal was the first one I've ever attended and now I am in the process of planning two more..

Whitney's birthday dinner at Half Shell Oyster House

One of the many nights I'll spend with the bride this year.

Last weekend at the beach (for 24 hours) 


  1. It was truly a great post. I loved watching all these photos my friend. I am also going to host a corporate event soon and seeking advice for a good corporate event planning firm to arrange this event for me. I wonder if you have any recommendations!

    1. Thank you Mark! I am not sure I have any advice for a corporate event - never planned anything on that level.


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