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Taking a LEAP today...



loving. Snapchat filters; especially the face swap one in the photo above.  I look scary, but Brailyn (with my face) is absolutely hilarious.  Follow along for more ridiculousness at my username: blogsmaidcass

contemplating.  The sermon at church today.  Revelation Chapter 3.  Am I lukewarm when it comes to being a follower of Christ?  I am just now getting back into church regularly, but I don't want my life to reflect someone who just went through the motions and never made an eternal effect on others for the Kingdom of God. 

deciding. To make March a better month than February was to me.  Here comes birthdays, a baby shower, and possibly a beach trip? 

smelling.  Nothing at the moment - there is potato soup on the stove for dinner, though. 

writingThis blog post and a couple more are in my drafts folder.  

reading. I just received Breaking Vegan by Jordan Younger from a TSC giveaway I won.  She also writes the blog, The Balanced Blonde.  You should check her out. 

watchingHGTV's FixerUpper.  I need to meet my own Chip Gaines and lock him down. 

listening.  Two new (to me) favorite songs: Bottom's Up by Brantley Gilbert featuring T.I. AND Confession by Florida Georgia Line.  I may be obsessed - if you see how many times I have put those two songs on repeat. 

cravingCarbs.  Nothing new here. 

remembering.  My friendship with Bridget; her birthday is this week and I love putting together a birthday collage for Facebook.  All those memories flood back of all the fun we have had together since 2006. 

wishing. Happiness and health to everyone I know.  Two of the things I take for granted more often than not. 

needingTo really buckle down and create a budget for this year.  

wantingMy car to already be paid off; student loans as well.  However, it's going to take another year and a whole lot of patience. 

eatingA chocolate chip cookie before dinner. 

drinking. Watered down Dr. Pepper from lunch and a bottle of water because, balance. 

feeling. Relaxed.  I have a big week/weekend ahead so I am soaking up every moment of rest today. 

working on. candy game for a baby shower this weekend.  I hope it looks as good as I've seen online, and doesn't end up a Pinterest fail. 

This list is brought to you by, Amber's post from last week. 
I hardly ever post on Mondays, but I took a LEAP today since LEAP YEAR doesn't happen often.

What would you put on your list? 
Tell me below in the comments, if you want to take a leap today too. 

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