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He or She: A Golf Themed Gender Reveal

The weeks leading up to February 20, 2016 were both filled with excitement and anxiety (due to being a perfectionist).  A couple friends of ours are expecting and wanted to have a gender reveal party to let everyone know what they were having.  Being the planner that I am, mixed with Kaylee's ability to find perfect invitations and beautiful photography, I knew we were a dream pair to host this gender reveal. 
The first thing we thought about was a theme.  Yeah, it's a gender reveal so it's already blue/pink themed, but we wanted something more.  Or if I'm being honest, I convinced everyone else we needed something more.  The parents-to-be live in a golf community and their yard backs up onto a golf course - part of it, anyway. We decided on a golf-theme mixed with blue/pink color combo gender reveal.
I will admit that I searched the internet for days finding ideas to pull off this party without much luck; thankfully, I had family and sweet friends to help me bring every idea together.  So the rest of the post will go like this:  décor, voting area, food, and the main event: the golf ball.

First up: Décor

Decorating for a party is my favorite part.  I cannot cook to save my life but I can make a cupcake topper in no time.  I have always loved tiny details that bring an entire idea together.  So the décor for this party was to simply build off the golf theme.  

Thankfully, since the parents-to-be live on a golf course, they find random golf balls in their yard every day.  Bridget has been keeping a collection of them in a vase in her guest bathroom.  I started by washing the dirt off of those golf balls and placing them in clear vases.

Next was rubber ducks.  I purchased a boy and girl duck at Babies R Us and knew that I wanted them on the punch table.  To my surprise, Bridget's mom also had the same idea so we had plenty to decorate with on the punch table, in the punch, and on top of the golf ball filled vases. 

My sister gave me banners and paper lanterns for the mantle and food/beverage tables, green decorative paper to put around the punch bowls to look like grass, and the serving ware for all the food.  I ordered a gender neutral onesie from this Etsy shop to hang on the mantle.  

And of course, like any party, you need a balloon tied to the mailbox.  Kaylee picked up a gender reveal balloon that was perfect to let all the guests know which house to come to. 

Second: Voting Area

Right when you walked in the front door, there was a small table that was perfect to have the guests come in and place their vote on if it was a boy or girl.  Keeping with the golf ball theme, I ordered jumbo gum balls in blue and pink to fill up two more clear vases with tongs so the guests could grab one and put it in the vase in the front.  

It was the perfect visual for everyone to see what each guest was thinking.  
(Most guests chose pink, by the way). 

just the beginning of the votes 

I played around with Microsoft Word and came up with the sign to let everyone know how to vote.  It was simple, easy and free to do the sign - all I did was put it in a frame my sister let me borrow.  Here is what I put on the sheet: 

Thank you 'FORE' Coming! 

Make your case. 
Drop your vote, 
in the clear vase. 

Third:  Food

The gender reveal took place from 2-4 pm so there wasn't a lot of food that needed to be made; considering everyone had already eaten lunch.  

The menu was simple:  a fruit tray, pretzel sticks, nuts, "chip" shots and salsa, cupcakes from Sarah, Hershey bars, and a gender reveal cake (just in case the weather was terrible for the outside reveal). 

Drinks included Sweet TEE, a pink punch and a green punch (was going to be blue but the pineapple juice turned it green).  

And that was it for the food, there was more than enough to eat and drink for an afternoon party.

And the Main Event: The Golf Ball

I would be lying if I said this part was easy.  There were three of us making this golf ball and we spread it out over a couple of weeks.  There is no online instructions that help with this (trust me, I've googled it) but I have it down to a few steps.  Here they are:
  • Buy hollow golf balls from Dick's Sporting Goods and cut halfway through the middle - not the entire way just enough for an opening.
  • Have the gender color in chalk/colored powder.  If chalk: put in Ziploc bag, beat with hammer until it turns into a fine powder.
  • Cut Ziploc bag on the tip of corner so it easily pours into golf ball.
  • Pour powder into golf ball until its full.
  • Wipe excess powder off side of ball and begin to close.
  • Wrap the middle of ball (where you cut) with paint tape.
  • Spray paint golf ball with a paint can.  We used white to keep the golf ball white, but you could do any color (other than pink or blue).
  • If you can still see paint tape, spray more coats until completely covered.
  • And then, you're done!

The last and most important step of the day was Ryan hitting the golf ball.  We had a tee for him to put the ball on and he hit it.  It immediately busted open with PINK powder.  

The Dunlaps are having a GIRL. 

It was the best day and no amount of prepping could have prepared me for the excitement everyone had over this new life coming into the world.  

This little lady is already so loved and unfortunately, will have to learn how to play golf with her daddy. :)

 I couldn't have done all of this without my co-host Kaylee.  She ordered and sent out all the invitations and helped in any way that she could.  

I also wanted to thank all the people who helped me put this whole thing together: my sister, my mom, Bridget's mom, Kaylee's mom, and of course Sarah and Shelby for the amazing cupcakes and gender reveal cake. 

Have you ever been to a gender reveal party? 
Was there a specific theme?


  1. OMG this is such a great idea, I love it! And I love the hitting a golf ball! I'm making you host my parties in the future :) Great pictures too!

    1. Thank you Cat! I can definitely give you ideas for all your parties! Thank you for the sweet comment - someone had a legit camera so that made a world of difference on the pictures.

  2. This is such a unique and cute idea. Congratulations, love it all!

    1. Thank you Emelia! I appreciate your sweet words!

  3. Do you remember what the hollow golf ball was called? Was it plastic? Brand?

    Thanks so much!!

    1. I actually don't remember what the brand was, but yes they were plastic. There were 4 in a pack and i think the color of the pack was green with 4 white, hollow golf balls in it. I hope that helps! We also bought them at Dick's Sporting Goods. :)


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