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The (Delayed) Report: March

1.  Baby Shower Realness 

The Baby Shower on March 5, 2016 reminded me of what truly matters: friendship.  I plan on writing a post about this special day, but right now I am just so happy to be friends with these two special women  and can't wait to meet this little boy.  From bridesmaids to baby shower hostesses, I can't imagine being anywhere else. 

2. Birthdays 

I've always loved birthdays and on the birthday of my friends, I love finding an older picture that reminds me of the feelings I had on that particular photograph.  Two of my best friends had birthdays twenty days apart, and I am so thankful for the roles they play in my life.  Instagram shout-outs are just one way I let them know how much they mean to me, everything from belly laughs to balloon pictures this month. 

3.  The Tiniest Easter Basket 

Every Easter for the past 7 years, I have made my friend Brailyn an Easter basket.  It's one of the many traditions I have with her.  As she gets older,  I want her to know it's not about how big the basket is; Easter is about Jesus and what he sacrificed for us.  I want her to know that even if the baskets/buckets get smaller every year, my love and Jesus's love for her doesn't.  

4.  Quality Time and a Free Pedicure 

The last weekend in March, my friend Lila came to town and we spent that Saturday together eating at Newks, buying new sandals*, and getting pedicures.  We ended up getting the friend discount and I walked out with free polished toes.  I cherish my friendship with Lila so much and I am so glad we make time in our busy schedules to see each other; picking up right where we leave off each time. 

**sandals above are not the ones I bought, even though they clearly fit me.

5.  My First Murder Mystery Dinner 

On March 30, a handful of my best girlfriends invited me to a specific dinner at a restaurant I had never eaten at: Char.  It was a Murder Mystery Dinner and it was probably one of the best Wednesday nights and baked chicken entrees I've had in a long time.  I am especially grateful to the girl in the white jacket; without her, our wonderful night wouldn't have happened.  I can't wait to go to another mystery dinner with The Detectives.  

They travel all around Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Alabama and Florida.  To check to see if they are coming to a restaurant near you, go to their website here

The Report is a series I post once a month to list things and events that are currently happening in my life.  Please feel free to tell me your monthly report in the comment section below.  
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