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The Report: April

1.  New Church Members Selfie 

On April 3rd, my best friend encouraged me to walk down the aisle to the front of the church we have been attending since January.  I was extremely nervous but I knew it was the right thing to do.  We are now official members of Hickory Ridge Baptist Church and I couldn't be more thankful to be a part of a genuine church family. 

2.  Two Bridal Showers in One Weekend 

Two weeks after we became church members, we started the bridal shower schedule.  I am so excited to stand beside these two girls as she marries the love of her life.  Her fiancé and I went to school together all 13 years so their wedding day is going to be a mini class reunion and I can't wait to celebrate my best friend and see a bunch of familiar faces.  

3.  A Birthday and A Baby (A Month Early) 

One of my best friend's celebrated her birthday on the 22nd of this month; and her biggest gift was her baby boy arriving two days later.  He wasn't due until late May so I guess he wanted to have an April birthday like both of his parents.  The sweet family is already back home and I can't wait to hold him.  

4.  Finally Changed My Profile Picture 

I haven't felt very good about my appearance the last few months but since I started using BeautyCounter consistently; I know I am taking better care of my skin.  People keep complimenting me so I took a leap, switched my camera around, and finally changed my profile picture on Facebook.

5.  The REST of April…

Since April 18, I have been in bed, resting, trying my best to get better.  I am finally on the mend - just in time for my birthday on Monday.  I found this quote on Instagram the other day and it gave me a little bit of hope.  Just wanted to post it in case anyone else needs a little bit of hope too. 

April wasn't as great as it could have been; I missed out on two babies birthday parties and a day trip to the lake with friends.  Being sick for two weeks will do that to ya.  The next report will be a lot better because as Justin Timberlake likes to say: 

The Report is a series I post once a month to list things and events that are currently happening in my life.  Please feel free to tell me your monthly report in the comment section below.  
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