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**Disclaimer:  I cannot take credit for anything that happened or occurred during this trip.  I was simply an attendee and Kara, the maid of Honor, is the real MVP.  She had everything a girl could need:  mimosas and donuts for breakfast, bachelorette bags filled with essentials, ordered the 15 seat van for us to ride in, playlists with all songs needed for a road trip, the photo props, the scheduling of burlesque dance class/a show to attend later that night and of course, booking of the hotel - which had just been updated and was so chic.  I cannot thank her enough for everything that she did for us 11 girls and I hope she knows how much we appreciated her.** 

As many times as I have been to New Orleans, I've never stayed just one night and gotten one hour of sleep.  To say Brooke's bachelorette trip was a non-stop fun fest would be a huge understatement.  I am so glad I got to attend one of the best events of the year thus far, #BrookesQuickTrip.  Her hashtag was perfect due to the fact that we were in Nola for 23 hours and that her new last name was going to be Quick the following Saturday.  

We started off arriving at the host's house between 9-10 am to get our bachelorette bags, eat donuts, and drink a mimosa (if you wanted).  I didn't partake in the mimosa drinking because I know how my body handles alcohol: it doesn't.  I am a lightweight by definition and cannot drink very much; I wanted to enjoy the day to the fullest so, water it was. 

We left the house at 10:30 am in our 15 seat van and it was just enough small/roomy once you sat down.  Each person had their own AC vent - which is what I was most worried about - and we all had the best time traveling down to Nola.  We arrived around 1:30 pm and began checking into the hotel and getting ready for our lunch/burlesque class.  

We had to rush to our burlesque class; our cab driver made it awkward and took us to the wrong place, but we still had an amazing time.  Our instructor's name was Bella Blue and she is wonderful; found out later that night that she is one of the Top 10 Burlesque dancers in the world so clearly, homegirl knows what she is doing.  I am so glad we were taught by someone who is so great at what she does.  If you want to see her website, click here: http://www.nolaschoolofburlesque.com/

After the class, we got in a cab with James who became our new favorite cab driver EVER.  He gave us his card and a new hashtag for the weekend: #CherryEleven.  We cannot thank James enough for getting us back to our hotel in one piece and I hope he made his next pick-up to which he said into his CB radio: "I want that - an easy $80.00 - all interstate."
We all squeezed into the tiny elevator and started getting ready for the night which would begin at 7:30 pm.  I was able to find out that the drink machines in the hotel don't take cash so I walked to a mini store a couple blocks up with April and Kirsty.  We came back to the hotel quickly and began prepping for a long night ahead.  Prep didn't take long for me since I got my hair styled really early that morning, so it was more about making a mixed drink and taking some selfies. 

We walked around for about an hour to find our dinner place - we didn't know what we wanted but we came across Café Soule and it was just what we needed.  Good food, great friends and even better air conditioning.  We filled up on carbs and made our way to the Burlesque Dance show -- it lasted an hour and had all of us laughing and clapping.  

After the show, we made our way to the first bar and began to notice how crowded everywhere was - which gives me anxiety.  I need room to move around.  So we sat down in a club for a few hours, laughed and spent way too much money.  Around 2 am when we left, we noticed things were much more bearable outside.  Half the group decided to go back to the hotel and the other half decided that we weren't going to sleep anytime soon.  

We went to a club and danced to rap music until they kicked us out (my absolute favorite thing to do).  We then went to The Beach and danced until they also kicked us out.   Then we went back to another sit down club and laughed even more.  When we walked out of that building, it was 6:30 am and the sun was up.  We made it to daylight, y'all.  

I was so impressed, and we were also really hungry.  So Café Du Monde at 6:45, it is.  Beignets for breakfast was amazing and so was finally laying down in our hotel bed at 7:30 am. I dozed in and out of sleep until 10 am and then got up and packed my stuff to head out.  

We ate lunch at The Corner Oyster House on the Riverside and it is always the best place to stop at before the long ride back.  I call it a Sunday tradition.  None of us wanted to walk around anymore so we left the restaurant and got back in the van and headed home.  We didn't make any stops on the way home, either.  The last thing I remember when I got home was my dad asking me if I needed anything from the store.  I told him "turkey meat" and the next thing I know it was 7 am the next morning.  

#BrookesQuickTrip was one of the best trips I have ever had in New Orleans and I cannot wait to go back down to the Big Easy.  I love that city and it never disappoints.  


  1. Wow, I cannot remember the last time I stayed out all night partying. I have to say, I am pretty impressed, Cassie. I don't think I have it in me anymore! I need to hear more about this dance class as well. Looks like yall had a great time and lots of good memories were made!

  2. Haha I will tell you ALL about that dance class. It was quite interesting! Thank you for always supporting my blog!


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