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The Delayed Report: June

I have recently come to the conclusion that each month's report is going to be delayed, so no more putting parentheses around the word.  As almost anyone can tell, my passion for blogging is just not where it used to be.  However, I love looking back over the months and writing a reminder of what happened to remind myself of how full/active my life really is.  I tend to forget that. 

1.  My Maid of Honor Answer  

The first Wednesday night of June, I was formally asked to be Kaylee's Maid of Honor in her upcoming February wedding.  I immediately said YES! I would be honored to.  I am currently in the process of planning a few things and I am having so much fun putting the details together. 

2. ​Meeting William for the first time

The weekend of July 11, I drove to Natchez, Mississippi to hang with my friend, Cupit and her little boy, Will.  He was such a snuggler and I couldn't have asked for a better weekend with one of my best friends turned mothers.  She is doing a fabulous job balancing her career, family and friends. 

3.  Engagement Basket: Round Two 

Before I drove to Natchez, I had help from Kaylee's mom and boyfriend to help surprise the Bride.  I had so much fun putting this Engagement basket together and I will do a blog post on it if anyone wants to know what all is included, leave me a comment below! 

4.  Supported my friend/famous blogger, Kathleen 

The minute Kathleen posted about her curated collection with Morning Lavender, I was so excited to see what she had out there.  When I saw that she had the ring I've been wanting for MONTHS, I was overjoyed.  I immediately bought the ring and it was the perfect price.  If you want to see any of her collection, click here

5.  She said YES to the DRESS! 

On June 25, the bride to be said yes to the dress in less than an hour.  The Matron of Honor and I also found the bridesmaid's dresses in record time.  The Bridal Path was extremely helpful, sweet and genuinely wanted us to have a great experience.  I am hoping to lose a little bit of weight before I go back to get measured for my bridesmaids dress.

6.  My Best Friend's Birthday 

One year after his golden birthday, my best guy friend turned 29 on the 28th.  I posted on all my social media and wished him the best birthday ever.  He probably had to work, but he lives at the beach so I'm sure it was an amazing day.  Can't wait to hang out with him when he comes home next month for a visit.  

7.  One Month Later:  My Best Friend's Wedding Photos 

A month after the big day, Brooke received her magical wedding photos.  Jodye Sabatini is an amazing photographer and she made us look like models - in the Mississippi heat - so clearly she is a good one. 

8.  Rental Car Realness 

The entire process of getting my car fixed was a disaster and it only made sense to give me a hot wheels car during the process.  I have never in my life been treated like I have the past couple of months and I could only laugh when they gave me the rental car key.  I'm sure a blog post will be written on the experience……at some point. 

The Report is a series I post once a month to list things and events that are currently happening in my life.  Please feel free to tell me your monthly report in the comment section below.  
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  1. Wow quite a month! Sounds fun! You give the best gifts, too - so thoughtful! I really need to do these round-ups, too. It's fun to document everything!

    1. Aw thank you Mary! Still hoping you have the details on all your bachelorette swag! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Please don't lose your passion for blogging Cassie. Your experiences are so interesting and inspirational. Whenever you're feeling burnt-out, just remember you have fans! :)

    1. Thank you whoever you are! This comment made my day! So sweet of you to encourage me!


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