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The Delayed Report: September

September was a month full of sweetness, sports and then....sickness.  I would say that I am sad to see September go, but I'm feeling very Green Day right now...wake me up when it ends.  

While I enjoyed most of the month, there was a week or so in there where I had absolutely no energy and missed out on a lot of events.  Read below about what I was able to do and unfortunately, what I was not able to do.

1. SUITE Pass

On the second day of September, one of my close friends took the out to the ball game.  It was through her work and they had a suite booked for us at the local Mississippi Braves Stadium.  We were in Suite 23 and there was only 5 of us there.  It was an absolute blast filling up on hot dogs, mac and cheese, cookies, cracker jack, and of course an unlimited supply of carbonated drinks.  

I am at my best self at a sporting event where I am not bitten by bugs and surrounded by air conditioning.  It was a winning night in my book - and I think the home team won as well. 

2. SUITE Life

The next morning, I woke up and headed out to Mississippi State University to cheer on the MSU Bulldogs.  The reason I agreed to go to such a hot game is because once again: air conditioning.  My friend and her family have season passes to the Suite Level at MSU and you can literally get anything you want: unlimited drink refills, huge make your own nacho bar, a different menu of foods and you can go outside and watch the game or stay inside to not get overheated.  

State lost 21-20 that day, but I always feel like I'm a winner when I hang out with the Weaver family.

3.  Labor Day with Bae

On the 5th, I spent my holiday with my best friend and her baby.  Nothing really got accomplished that day, but I spent it with my best friend and my bae, Kennedy so it was still pretty wonderful.  I love this picture of her little feet and monogrammed burp cloth.  I cannot wait to see both of them again real soon.

4.  Jicama and a Janky Waitress

That following Wednesday night, I got to finally meet one of Kaylee's bridesmaids, Fran, in real life instead of just email.  Fran lives in North Carolina and was down here visiting her family and we were able to take some time to have dinner one night at a local Mexican restaurant, Sombra.  Our waitress started off completely wonderful just like our meal, but by the time the tickets came around she was singing a different tune.  

Oh well, we still had a wonderful time: we realized we had a lot of things in common and tried a new food: jicama (which is extremely interesting considering it tastes like a flavorless apple slice by itself but is somehow spicy when you dip it in guacamole).

5.   Annual Football Tradition

The night after Sombra, Bridget and I made our annual trip out to Raymond to watch the Hinds football game; however, I would be lying if our real reason wasn't football at all - it's the Hinds Community College Hi-Steppers that we really go to see.  

Each time the drummers start playing their cadences I am brought back to how much I love and miss my college years, and it's always sweet to take this annual selfie and show ourselves that no matter what happens the other 364 days a year, we have this one to remember and reminisce.

6.  A Month + 1 Day

I am known to meet almost all of my friend's babies on their one month birthday; it is not planned, it just always works out that way.  Well meeting Harper was almost another one of those, just a day later.  Mandy had her second child on August 11 and I got to take the same picture that I took with her sister (a year or so ago) on September 12.  

It was so surreal and so sweet that she was wearing the same outfit I had gifted her sister as well.  I cherish anytime I can see my friend's babes; and this matron of honor is doing an absolutely fabulous job with her 2 under 2.

7.  A Kitchen Floor Lesson

That same night, Mandy took a picture I'm sure I will cherish forever.  Savannah wanted to "read" me a book and even though it did not last long; the memory of it will last forever.  "You're never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child."  - Dr. Seuss

8.  My favorite Skin line at Target

Midway through September, I stopped in Target and noticed my favorite skin care line is now available at Target.  Not all the items are there, but some of my favorites are like this rosewater misting spray.  I use it as a Toner after I cleanse my face at night and it's makes my skin so soft even before the nightly moisturizer goes on.  I only left with this one product that night, but I'm sure I'll be back soon to buy some more of the items. 

9.  The Calm Before the Storm

Sunday, September 18, I got my uniform on as a trial run to take our Annual Hi-Stepper Alumni pictures not knowing it would be the only time I wore it this year.  I am so glad Bridget was able to tease my hair and make me semi presentable.  I will cherish these photos for a long time and I'm so thankful I was able to practice with these girlsif only for a little while. 

10.  Viral Gastritis

Late Tuesday afternoon, I did my normal routine of getting off work and going to eat with a friend and when I got home I asked my mom for a particular pair of socks.  I never ask for socks, so I knew something was wrong.  I went to bed praying for whatever was going on to go away, but it didn't.  I woke up at 3 am and took my temperature and it was 101.4.  It got up to 102.4 and after throwing up a couple times, I knew I wasn't going anywhere.  

The next day was even worse, but I made my way to the doctor and was diagnosed with Viral Gastritis; which my nurse sister just said it's a fancy name for the stomach flu.  It took me out for the rest of the week and made me completely miss Hi-Stepper Alumni practice with the band and our performance the next night at Hinds Homecoming.  I also missed another important event: Bray's 8th Birthday.

11.  #GreatToBeEight

Brailyn Belle was the first babe to ever call me Aunt Cassie.  She was born on September 24, 2008 and I hate that I missed her 8th birthday celebration.  She has brought so much joy and sassy-ness to my life and I am so blessed to know this special gal.  I have plans to take her to dinner and shopping for her to pick out her birthday present next week and I can't wait to see what she chooses.

The Report is a series I post once a month to list things and events that are currently happening in my life.  Please feel free to tell me your monthly report in the comment section below.  
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