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Camera Roll Chronicles: Kaylee's Bridal Shower

Today, I bring to you a new series on the blog called the Camera Roll Chronicles.  I never take enough pictures (and none of them are professional), but I cherish the photos I do have.  I am the worst at printing photos and putting them in albums, so I have decided to document little snapshots of time from my iPhone here on the blog from here on out.  I hope you enjoy.

Over the next week, I am going to showcase the events that took place for the #JoiningTheJoes wedding.  Since it's been a little over a week since the main event, I figured it was time to properly document all the activities that took place to prepare Kaylee to marry her soul mate, Edward.  I could not be happier for these two so let's take a look back, shall we?

Kaylee's bridal shower was hosted at the matron of honor's mom's house and it was incredible and hardly needed any decorations.  

We had plenty of appetizers, drinks and desserts to eat while the Bride opened her gifts and made everyone feel at home.  It was an amazing Sunday afternoon and it was the perfect day to kick off the #JoiningTheJoes wedding season.

The basket I made the lovely couple.  It includes the glasses they registered for, two towels, a wooden spoon, a spatula and a salt and pepper bulldog shaker. 

Bridesmaid Caitlin filling out her address for the Thank You Notes Section 

Presents area 

The Bride's favorite flavored cake from That Special Touch

Caitlin and I - she hates this picture, but I love my hair so it's staying.  

Caitlin and I and Baby Kennedy

18 days after this picture was taken, we wore these same colors in Nashville, Tennessee.  
The next post will be all about her bachelorette party and her hashtag, #LeaveItToWeaver. 


  1. You look gorgeous--totally digging that black dress! You have the funnest life--love reading all of this!

    1. Thank you love! I don't know about funnest, but I do try. 🤗


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