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Camera Roll Chronicles: Kaylee's Bachelorette Party

The weekend of October 20th, 2017, 6 of us girls packed our bags and headed to Nashville, TN.  The official hashtag I came up with for the weekend was…


Our Itinerary for the Trip 

5 women, 1000 bags + a box fan 

5 of us girls at Rendezvous in Memphis, TN 

I was in charge of Kaylee's Bachelorette Bags and had the best time finding all the goodies that went in all the bags.  

I spent a lot of time looking searching Etsy for the best Nashville goodies and I came across some great shops: 

I ordered this bag from becollective and had Welcome! added above the TN state sign
Had to order these cups from YouGotPersonal and they were the best investment 

I wanted tattoos for us, but I ended up getting a custom order of her hashtag, #LeaveItToWeaver
from this shop and she was so sweet and easy to work with: PolkaDotzDesigns

Fran ordered these buttons for us to wear out and it was so nice to have all different types of sayings to choose from.  I forgot the Etsy shop page, but it was easy to find - just type in Bachelorette party buttons. 

Presents for the Bride - specifically for the lingerie shower Friday night 

Friday night we went to eat at Mack + Kate's. 
The service was incredible and the food was pretty good too.  
A perfect night to fill up on good food and cocktails before we went back to the house to hang out. 

All of us girls: Caitlin, Sarah, Kaylee, Mandy, Fran and myself 

Caitlin, Fran and I 

The next morning we woke up and headed through McDonalds to get some breakfast before our spa day.  I got my first EVER massage, a 90 minute swedish massage and it was the best thing I've ever experienced so far.  I completely get it now when people told me to get a massage, I GET IT. 

Post massage glow

After the spa and blowouts, we grabbed some lunch across the street and then made our way to a famous Nashville location: Opryland.  They were setting up for Christmas already and it was so pretty and magical. 

Once we got back to the house, we started to get ready for dinner at Butchertown Hall and then a stop on Broadway - the main party road in Nashville (like Bourbon Street is to NOLA). 

Cookies I had made from Campbell's Bakery in Madison, MS 

The only picture of me and the bride before going to dinner 

Post brunch happiness 

We ended the trip by having brunch at The Southern and it was AMAZING.  

The entire trip was such a good time, even if it started off with getting honked at on the interstate and we thought we were going to die, but other than that - an absolutely wonderful time.  I cherish these girls and I met my Nashville roomie, Fran who I will consider to be a lifetime friend now.  I am so thankful we all got to experience a city we had never been too and I hope to visit Nashville again in the future.  

#LeaveItToWeaver was a definite success! 


  1. OMG how cute are those welcome bags? Girl you are SO good at this planning--you need to be an event planner! I'm catching up on my blog reading (for like months...so BEHIND.) and I'm loving all of these posts!!

    1. Thank you Rachel! I had so much fun putting those bags together! ☺


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